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  Security Response, Inc. management team has over 50 years of Security Expertise, Business Management, Asset Protection and Civil Liability.  We have many accredited accomplishments such as providing a strike force for the 4000 drywall strikers against several large homebuilders in Southern California (1992), start of the I-10 Corridor Alliance with business partners and the cooperation and support of Phoenix Police Department, City Prosecutors, Vice Squad, and Violent Crime Task Force (2006) and the 10M builder construction theft ring in Houston, TX (1982).

  Security Response, Inc. attitude reflects the company image with we wish to maintain.  Our personnel are always polite, courteous, and reliable.  They believe in providing the assistance above and beyond what is necessary.  Our personnel genuinely care about others, and their well being.  Many of our employees have diverse backgrounds in Armed Forces, Security, Customer Service, Education, Police, Fire, and Rescue.  S.R.I. has the expertise, technological resources, provable experience and service to provide the results desired for any project.

  Security Response, Inc. undertakes a proactive role in security protection in offering a wide range of services including uniformed personnel, plain clothes detail, robbery suppression, workplace violence, both armed and unarmed, patrol, and alarm response.  We deter possible infringements while creating an atmosphere of safety for it’s customers through control of access, by mobile, bike, or foot patrol.  Our personnel are highly trained and motivated to recognized improper conduct, theft, vandalism, graffiti, workplace violence and safety issues.


Interest in Partner for Denver, San Diego, San Jose, and Phoenix/Tucson, please email company_sri@qwestoffice.net.  Confidentiality will always be honored.